In 70 countries in the world with an exportable business model

The Group operates internationally in the distribution of food products and meat production.
There are 27 distribution platforms, respectively 8 in Russia and 19 in Africa and 1 in Kazakistan, and 4 production plants, of which 2 in Russia, 1 in Canada and 1 in Poland.
Through its subsidiary IF&B, Inalca also has 28 food distribution centres located in USA, Australia, Cape Verde, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Mexico and the Canary Islands . INALCA has built an exportable business model, creating an integrated beef industry “in reverse”: initiated with the sale and distribution of product, consolidated by making the products on site, then completed with the creation of infrastructures for primary production, namely slaughterhouse and breeding plants.

Evolution of the supply chain  Inalca abroad