In July 1963 Luigi Cremonini starts the activity in the beef sector and founds Inalca in Castelvetro di Modena, the meat industry which becomes the development engine for all the Group’s activities in the following years.


The Castelvetro establishment was enlarged for the first time, reaching a slaughter capacity of 1,000 head of cattle per week.


With the acquisition of Corticella Azienda Agricola, INALCA takes a decisive step towards integrated management of the production chain, starting from the livestock farm.


While the activity of the meat sector expands with the opening of new factories and with a productive structure of an increasing industrial nature, the entrance into the cured meats business with the acquisition of the Montorsi sausage factory represents the first opportunity of diversification into an adjoining market.


Official opening, in the presence of the Agriculture Minister Giovanni Marcora, of the new Castelvetro plant, with a slaughter capacity of 3,000 head of cattle per week. This was the largest facility of its kind in Italy at that time, designed to cater to the growing requirements of large-scale distribution and new restaurant chains that were appearing on the scene. It also boasted a state-of-the-art hamburger production department with a weekly capacity of 40 tonnes. Among the chains served was Burghy, a highly successful Italian fast-food brand owned by the Cremonini Group. At end 1982, INALCA sales totalled 318 billion Lire, of which approximately 50 billion from overseas business.


Purchase of the Icar establishment at Rieti, which was to become the national hub for canned meat production.


INALCA celebrates its first 25 years. Events included a memorable exclusive concert by Luciano Pavarotti.


The company Acsal Montana is acquired, leader in the production sector of tinned meat, famous for the historic brand Montana (with Gringo as testimonial) and the traditional product Jambonet.


Cremonini’s meat traceability system is the first in Italy to conform to the European food safety regulation 820/97.


In Ospedaletto Lodigiano (Italy) Inalca Spa opens the largest plant in Europe for the production of beef and industrial-processed meat-based products. With a total area of 377,000 m2 (60,000 of which are covered) and a slaughtering capacity of approximately 6,000 head of cattle per week, the Inalca Spa plant in Ospedaletto features technologically advanced production lines, thus guaranteeing excellent quality standards in full compliance with the rigorous hygiene and sanitary standards of the European Union.


Inalca expands into the cured meats sector between 2001 and 2003, with the purchase of the Ibis plant in Busseto and of a plant in Postalesio, in the Valtellina valley, for bresaola production.


Opening of a new slaughter and meat processing plant in Avellino.


Inalca Spa is chosen by McDonald’s to produce and supply hamburgers in Russia. The agreement includes the construction of a production plant in Moscow for the production of hamburgers for all McDonald’s restaurants throughout Russia.

Between 2006 and 2007 INALCA expands and consolidates its foothold in Africa, opening a first plant in Luanda, Angola, and acquiring land and storage facilities in Algeria (Algiers) and the Congo Democratic Republic (Kinshasa).


Cremonini S.p.A. and Brazil’s JBS S.A. group, the world’s largest beef producer, enter into a strategic alliance in the meat sector. The agreement, which was wound up in 2010, enabled INALCA to give a considerable boost to its international development investments.


INALCA acquires a meat processing plant in Capo d’Orlando (Messina province). This complex also includes a distribution logistics platform to cover the entire Southern Italy area.


A modern hamburger production plant intended to serve large distribution and restaurant chains was inaugurated in Moscow in February. This new facility entailed investiments worth approximately 100 million euros and also comprises a major distribution platform.

INALCA Spa inaugurated its new biogas installation in the Ospedaletto Lodigiano (Lodi province) establishment which will allow the self-production of about 7.5 GWh per year entirely from renewable sources.


Inalca Food&Beverage is established, the company designed to act as a central platform covering the entire international distribution supply chain. Its mission is to simplify exports of Italian agro-industry products, by fostering contacts between small and medium producers and foreign importers and distributors, mainly operating through the B2B segment.


The Cremonini Group celebrates the 50 anniversary of Inalca’s foundation.


The year of important partnerships for international development. In February, Inalca and Emirates Advanced Investment Group (EAIG), a holding company specialised in investments in the UAE, signed an agreement for the development of the agri-food business in the Gulf countries. In March, Inalca Eurasia Holding was founded, in partnership with the Knightsbridge Group, to support Inalca’s development in Russia and 11 other Eurasian countries. To conclude, in November, the Italian Strategic Fund and Qatar Investment Authority entered into Inalca’s capital, bringing important resources for organic growth and acquisitions.

In Russia, in the Orenburg region, an integrated slaughter and deboning plant was inaugurated to enhance the production of native cattle and complete the Group’s local supply chain. INALCA has come to be an ideal partner for Russia, owing to the high specialisation, technology and know-how it has achieved in every production phase. At the time of the plant inauguration, an agreement is also announced with the Russian authorities for the development of livestock farming in that country.


INALCA is a major player at the 2015 Milan Expo, with a large exhibition area in the “Cibus E’ Italia” Pavilion, and the presentation of the first Sustainability Report.


In February INALCA announces the acquisition of the historical Manzotin canned meat brand. With its more than half-century long history, this brand thus preserves its Made in Italy tradition.

The acquisition of Unipeg, Italy’s second beef group, is concluded in May, thus paving the way towards the creation of a new, 100% Italian agricultural, livestock farming and industrial hub that will enhance the value of and boost Italy’s beef production and supply chain as a whole. With this acquisition, a slaughter plant at Pegognaga (Mantova province), a distribution plant and platform in Reggio Emilia and a meat processing plant at Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena province) are brought into the Inalca orbit.


Today INALCA is a European leader in beef, cured meats and snack production and in overseas food product distribution. INALCA is also one of the few Italian companies that cater to the entire production and supply chain, from the livestock farm to the finished product.