15 plants in Italy, 27 logistics/distribution platforms,
4 productive plants in the world

INALCA is the leading private European producer in the beef sector. For years it is committed to building a more sustainable business model, from the activities of breeding to the distribution of food products to the final consumer.
INALCA controls the entire beef production chain from breeding to the finished product, and operates successfully in international markets, which have driven the development of the company in recent years: in fact approximately 50% of turnover comes from activities abroad. In 2016, mainly due to the acquisition of the UNIPEG-Assofood Group, the turnover developed nationally was significantly increased.

The entire production sector in Italy can count on 12 plants highly automated, specialised by product type: 9 dedicated to the production of beef and 3 operating in the cured meats & snacks and ready meals sectors…in addition to 3 livestock farming centres.
Abroad Inalca is present with 26 logistics/distribution platforms, 3 production plants in the world, as well as 25 IF&B platforms in the USA, Australia, Cape Verde, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Mexico and the Canary Islands.
All the plants, specialised for product lines, use modern production techniques and advanced safety systems which permit the companies of the Group to be at the forefront in methods of control, in supply chain programming and in meat identification and labelling. The strategic location of the slaughter facilities in the heart of the Valle Padana, where more than 60% of the Italian livestock is concentrated, represents a significant competitive advantage.

550,000 tons of meat transformed and marketed every year

A complete assortment of beef

INALCA produces and markets a complete assortment of beef: fresh and deep-frozen, vacuum-packed and in a protected atmosphere, ready-to-eat products, canned meats (Montana and Manzotin) and meat extracts. Over 550,000 tonnes of beef are transformed and marketed by the company every year, 100,000 tonnes of which
are hamburgers and 200 million cans of meat.
Inalca, thanks to its international vocation, operates successfully in several countries of the EU, Est Europe and Africa, so that 35% of the turnover comes from these markets.

Factories and businesses in Italy

27 platforms abroad

Inalca is present abroad with 26 distribution platforms, located in six countries (Angola, Algeria, Congo, Democratic Congo Republic, Mozambique and the Ivory Coast) and soon, with additional 2 platforms in Kazakhstan and Russia.
Inalca in Russia can count on an avant-garde plant in Odintsovo, on the outskirts of Moscow, for the production of hamburgers and a slaughterhouse in Orenburg, on the border with Kazakhstan, which permits the overseeing of the entire production chain. Furthermore, 2 important slaughtering plant are under construction in Poland and in Angola.

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