Environmental issues for INALCA represent a complex set of knowledge, activities and industrial processes that have as their essential aim the constant monitoring of consumption and environmental impacts along the supply chains, as well as the definition of documented and measurable mitigation measures. The themes of environmental sustainability are managed by a dedicated working group that operates within the company’s Quality, Safety, Health and Sustainable Development function. The principal environmental aspects on which the INALCA’s attention are focused regard mainly: Agriculture and Breeding, Water, Packaging, Energy and Emissions, Waste.

A clear commitment to address these issues is expressed in the company policy and more precisely in the document called “INALCA Code of Conduct for Sustainable Development of the Company“. In the assessment of environmental impacts, the Group companies without production infrastructure have been excluded, which carry out only commercial or financial activities and are therefore of little relevance in terms of consumption and environmental impacts. For a decade, INALCA adopts environmental management systems in the main production sites: to date in the Italian plants of Castelvetro di Modena, Ospedaletto Lodigiano, Rieti and the Marr Russia plant in Odintsovo (Moscow) are certified according to ISO 14001. Indirect environmental aspects of particular importance are undoubtedly linked to the improvement of impacts and consumption in bovine breeding, the recovery of packaging materials and the activities of logistics.

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