Our sustainability report

The Sustainability Report, prepared in accordance to the International Standard GRI – Global Reporting Initiative – version G4 option “In accordance core”, represents for INALCA the instrument for shared, transparent and inclusive management of stakeholder issues. Our vision of sustainable development is the complexity of business knowhow, activities and company processes that have as essential end the analysis, control and correlations of the economic, environmental and social impacts that develop in the supply chain. Our commitment is based on the identification of operational interventions designed to reduce these impacts and their gradual alignment with stakeholder expectations.

Inalca activities in the sustainable development are based on four pillars

 Sharing the value with the agricultural world

Under an integrated chain approach, INALCA believes that knowledge and the sharing of the key factors of sustainability in agricultural production represents the first key to success and long-term growth. For the company, therefore, the foundation of sustainable development translates into a progressive functional and economic integration with agricultural activities, based on the exchange and transfer of best available techniques.

Integrated supply chain and sustainable

Our development model involves the integration of production in countries where INALCA operates through the ” Upstream” construction of the production chain . The process of integration develops according to a defined and planned sequencing :  products distribution, realization of logistic infrastructure for the storage and distribution, realization of meat processing plants into products ready for consumption, production plants of the raw material, until the construction of cattle farms. A model which enabled the stable development of the company in the countries in which it operates, in full integration with the territory and communities.

Governance process company

Through the extensive use of technical standards in the fields of quality, safety and social responsibility, of which the same ratio of sustainability constitutes a direct evidence, INALCA plans, manages and controls at all levels of business activities that affect this sector.

Control impacts and consumption

The control of consumption and impacts is a global challenge that involves citizens, businesses and institutions; INALCA has placed this commitment at the center of its business activities, promoting best practices to optimize the environmental performance of processes and products throughout the supply chain.

“The land has always been generous to man. It is in a land as generous as Emilia Romagna that the Cremonini group was founded, a group that has grown over time in Italy, then in Europe and the world. A production model that seeks to show its gratitude by returning something of what it has received from the land, since the production chain enables Nature to preserve its strength as time passes. This is the goal of Gruppo Cremonini and, if the right choices are made, it can be achieved and made to spread well beyond our boundaries.”

Luigi Cremonini