A defined-step process that involves sequentially
the corporate functions Marketing, Quality and Legal Affairs.


The processes of defining the labelling of our products, promotional communication and advertising to consumers are verified according to specific procedures involving multiple corporate entities:

1) identification of technical sheets containing the main product information, such as nutritional aspects, characteristics of the raw materials, instructions for storage and use, eventual compliance to special alimentation, as for example those persons with celiac disease;

2) defining the contents of the label, packaging graphics, verification of any commercial claim, shown on the product or its advertising and promotional communication.

Promotional communication

The approval of all communication materials is defined in stages, involving sequentially the corporate functions of Marketing, Quality and Legal Affairs. The product subject to communication receives a complete corporate identity card, containing all the information on nutritional aspects, composition, use and, in general, every aspect that is communicated to the consumer.

INALCA adopts systematically nutrition labelling of products and voluntary certification in support of product claims, with particular reference to communication of the origin and source of the meat used, environmental aspects, animal wellbeing. The labelling and consumer control system is an important element of the commercial fraud prevention system.