Procedures and controls

The Organizational and Management Model, according to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 (hereinafter “Model”) in compliance with the guidelines drafted by Confindustria as updated at September 2014, lays down a system of procedures and controls aiming to reduce the risk that any of the criminal offences provided for in Legislative Decree no. 231/2001(hereinafter “Decree”) are committed. It is composed of a general section and special sections that describe the system of procedures and controls applied by the company, in connection with each sensitive process.

Surveillance body

In order to perform the task of promoting effective and actual implementation of the model, also through checks on company behavior in the sensitive area, based on the availability of a constant flow of information on significant activities, a Surveillance Body function was established, this, too, in compliance with the provisions of the Decree. A Board of Directors resolution of 21.09.2020 revised the Organizational Model and Ethical Code, also in the light of the most recent important criminal offences introduced by the Decree.

Other documents

General Section: INALCA S.p.a. Organizational and Management Model

Special Sections:

  1. Undue receipt of funds, fraud against the State, a public authority or the European Union or in order to obtain public funds, IT fraud against the State or a public authority and fraud in public supplies. Embezzlement, misconduct, undue induction to give or promise utilities, corruption and abuse of office.
  2. Corporate crimes
  3. Manslaughter and serious or grievous bodily harm, committed in breach of the laws on injury prevention and health and safety in the workplace
  4. Falsities involving cash, public credit cards, stamp duty and recognition means or signs. Crimes against trade and industry
  5. Environmental crimes
  6. Crimes of receiving stolen goods, money laundering, use of cash, assets or utilities of illegal origin and self-laundering
  7. Organised crime
  8. Tax-related crimes.