“For over 60 years we continue to innovate the meat industry, with constant investments in infrastructure, technology, research and development, systematically improving the production processes and products. In this new scenario, our efforts focused on the creation of a beef industry increasingly integrated and sustainable , particularly attentive to the social, environmental protection and to the demands of the agricultural world.
Today more than ever we are well aware that these issues are entered directly into the value chain and are competitive levers necessary for sustainable development of the company; we are also convinced that the company’s success will depend on its ability to combine economic objectives, ensuring growth and employment, with a strong link to the territory in which the company implements its activities.”

International leadership

The Cremonini Group, through Inalca is the absolute leader in Italy and one of the major European players in the beef sector, is the leader in Italy in the production of burgers and is the largest Italian producer of canned meat. In addition, through its subsidiary Italian Food (formed by the merger of Montana Food and Ibis), it ranks among the top operators in the Italian cured meats & snacks sector.
The company, through Inalca Food & Beverage, operates in a leadership position in the distribution abroad of food, typical of Made in Italy, with its logistics platforms in different countries. In 2022 the production sector of the Group achieved total revenues of 2,849.8 million euros. The Gross Operating Margin (EBITDA) reached 223,6 million euros, while the operating profit (EBIT) amounted to 141,6 million euros. 89% of turnover comes from the production, processing and marketing of beef, while 11% from the production and processing of meats & snacks. 40% of Inalca’s turnover is generated abroad.


Inalca is a company of excellence recognized worldwide ; oversees the entire production chain of beef from farm to finished product. It manufactures and markets a full range of beef, fresh and frozen, vacuum packed and in a protective atmosphere, processed ready, burgers, canned meat and meat extracts, both under its own brand and for third parties. More than 500,000 tons of beef marketed by the company every year, of which 100,000 tons of fresh and frozen hamburgers.

Snacks and cured meat

In the cured meat industry Italia Alimentari is present with its plants in the areas of enhancement of typical cured meat products identified by trademarks P.D.O. and PGI (Culatello, Bresaola, Mortadella Bologna, Italian Salami Cacciatore).
Also it specializes in the preparation of pre – sliced products and packaging snacks and ready meals , having 30 advanced processing rooms, where you want to assemble approximately 160 million trays of pre-sliced year and 40,000,000 snack and sandwiches. Inside the Mantua plant there is also a modern production and processing of bacon department intended mainly for foodservice channel, consisting of 6 production lines with annual production of 12,000 tons.