Also known as the “fifth quarter”, offal includes the bovine head, tail, feet and internal organs. A centuries-old staple of our country’s traditional cuisine, offal has been at the centre of an extraordinary process of rediscovery: once a typically humble food, offal has now gained a place on the menus of the most famous restaurants and in the hearts of the most demanding gourmets. This newly-found popularity has not escaped INALCA, which has always been at the forefront in the processing of offal for human consumption and drawing value from every type of cattle slaughter by-product, with a variety of applications ranging from the tanning to the pharmaceutical industry, from the manufacture of pet food to animal meal and fertiliser production. INALCA now offers more than 100 offal and by-product items in Italy and abroad, with a trade mark that is a by-word for quality, reliability and safety from the Mediterranean to the Far East.

Offal and by-products

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