Inalca – An ever more International presence

Inalca, with more than 7,600 employees, is the absolute leader in Italy and one of the major European players in the beef sector, ranking amongst the first Italian operators in the sector of cured meats and snacks. In addition, the company operates in a position of leadership in the distribution of food products to the foodservice abroad with its own logistics platforms in several emerging countries.

Inalca, Cremonini Group – Sustainable and Integrated Supply Chain

In Italy, Inalca controls the entire beef production chain from breeding to the finished product. Conscious of the crucial role of the supply chain as a tool for a strong integration between agriculture and agro-industry, Inalca promotes several strategic partnerships and agreements with the main agricultural organizations (firstly with Coldiretti), aimed to enhance and protect Italian cattle breeding and to transfer properly to the agricultural world the different market demands for a more efficient and responsible production. In Italy, the company’s industrial structure is made up of 20 plants specialized by type of processing and products.

Sustainability for Inalca

The integrated supply chain of Inalca cattle is a virtuous model of circular economy. Thanks to a state-of-the-art industrial structure, for over 20 years Inalca has launched a strategic plan within its agricultural and industrial business aimed at combating climate change. The Inalca model is sustainable because for the environment Inalca regenerates energy resources and reduces waste. Thanks to the supervision of the production chain, from breeding to the finished product, Inalca is able to guarantee its consumers a quality product at a fair price, safeguarding growth and employment. A shared value throughout the supply chain.