Inalca conducts systematic health and workplace safety activities, focusing on health surveillance and worker safety by maintaining the ISO 45001 certification standard within all Italian Inalca plants.

Scheletric muscle
pathology prevention project

INALCA together with the University of Bologna carry out a project to analyse the statistical distribution of skeletal muscle disorders within the company employee of the Inalca plant in Modena. Through detailed clinical analysis of employees, numerous data related to these pathologies were collected. The processing of this data will be taken into account for the overall assessment of the employees’ situation, possible areas of improvement and possible organisational solutions to reduce worker exposure to this type of risk.

ANT – Melanoma project

INALCA, in collaboration with ANT, joined the “Melanoma” project dedicated to primary prevention and early diagnosis of this disease. The project provides free dermatological visits for INALCA employees. The goal of the project is to provide employees with the appropriate knowledge and awareness about the prevention of skin cancer and to facilitate preventive action.