INALCA believes that a responsible product communication can not escape from the context of promoting a healthy and balanced consumption, in line with the nutritional indications provided by major research institutions and in compliance with the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

For the protection of health

INALCA published through the organisation “Carni Sostenibili” the second sustainability report on meat in Italy. It is a complete and updated document that summarises the state of scientific knowledge and information on the 5 fundamental themes of meat sustainability in the Italian context: safety, nutrition, environment, economy, food waste. The report seeks to provide a clear and documented basis for discussion and comparison of meat producers without pre-established or uncompromising truths. Various organisations and stakeholders have been involved in the debate on the meat topic: animal and environmental associations, media, that are based on criticisms of data and information coming from different contexts, often from countries overseas and which are not always adaptable to the national context.
This report evidences that a balanced meat consumption is also a key contribution to the protection of people’s health and does not have significant impacts on the environment. The report also highlighted how the real pro capita consumption of meat in Italy is almost aligned with the portions indicated by INRAN institute (today CREA), according to the most recent consumption figures, as it results from the publication of the book “The
real consumption of meat and fish in Italy “( Franco Angeli Edition – 2017).

The Environmental Hourglass is born from this legacy, showing graphically how to eat meat in a balanced way is sustainable both for health and environment. On the “Carni Sostenibili” website you can view the full report. (



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