Since its origin INALCA focused in the construction of an integrated beef industry that covers all stages of the product realization: from breeding, the meat processing to distribution of the finished product. The control of all phases, in addition to improving the efficiency of production, has enabled the company to achieve tangible results in terms of environmental sustainability. The supply chain of Inalca is integrated because the company preside over every pass, farming, more and more central to our policies, to the finished product;
is sustainable, because we measure the impact of our products on the environment and it reducing effects (producing green energy from waste, improving energy efficiency, starting in the 99% recycling of waste and enhancing all of our products and by-products) thanks to an advanced quality system; and finally the sector produces exportable because Inalca, on the world stage of meat producers, is the only leader in both the production and distribution with an already established presence in Europe, Russia and Africa. Therefore we can fully say that Inalca is directly involved in the world’s large agro dynamics.

Land and environment

Due to the nature of supply chain maintains its strength. Where there is the cattle are the roots and the values of our country tradition. Protection of the territory. Upkeep of the landscape. Cattle feeds mainly cellulose-based foods, can not be used by man. From manure and manure derive green energy and organic fertilizer. So we return to the planet that gave us in a virtuous cycle that benefits everyone.


Our guarantee chain of each product ( for new text we have to select the images … ) ensure quality laboratory testing 250,000 a year security product sustainability.


We know the story of all our cattle. Our supply chain ensures full traceability and total transparency. We are careful to ensure their welfare veterinary checks on their health and on their feed safety.

The realization of a fully integrated and sustainable beef industry is the consistent aim of our company. And in this context the sharing of values with the agricultural world is a very important pillar. In our view there can be no sustainable development without full functional integration, economic and ethical with the world of agricultural production. For this the base of the Inalca sustainability model we laid an alliance with the main Italian agricultural organization Coldiretti, which represents the ideal subject to reach and engage in this common goal the thousands of farmers with whom our company has consolidated and solid relationships.

The relationship between Coldiretti and Inalca will continue with the implementation of pilot projects and new integrated and sustainable agricultural production models, adapted to the different territorial specificities of the Southern and Northern regions and able to revive the national beef industry as a whole, enhancing the Italian meat in all trade channels and world markets of over 70 countries where the company operates. We are attentive to their well-being. assure controls veterinarians on their health and safety of their feed.


Recovered to 95,017 cubic meters of water from the waste water; differentiate 99% of our waste; reduce CO2 emissions by -22.244 tons/year.

Conscious consumption

We promote responsible consumption . The meat is part of the tradition and Italian gastronomic culture . Eat meat according to the Mediterranean diet is sustainable for health and the environment . So we can give energy to the body without removing the planet.